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House of Representatives

Hord Coplan Macht

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Hord Coplan Macht, Hord Coplan Macht

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House of Representatives

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United States Federal Government

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Project Description

Hord Coplan Macht is the Landscape Architect and Urban Tree Consultant responsible for the Independence Avenue streetscape, which is part of United States Capitol Park on the north side of the United States House of Representatives. HCM was responsible for streetscape design, tree preservation, street-tree planting, planting soil formulas, and irrigation.

Protecting and conserving the existing mature trees along Independence Avenue during construction was of paramount importance during this project to provide anti-terrorism protection around the House Office Buildings.

HCM has worked extensively on streetscape design and implementation which often includes protection of existing trees. Our detailed knowledge of streetscape design issues including the detailing and specification of specialty paving materials, street furnishings, street tree plantings, drainage, tree preservation, irrigation and lighting were key to the success of the overall project.

HCM continues to stay abreast of technological advancements made by Urban Foresters in street tree site preparation techniques. This includes being familiar with appropriate tree species selection based on a project’s program, site conditions and client requirements.
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