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Located in Mulmur, this house is sited in a valley facing the banks of a stream-fed pond. The house is nestled into the northern slope; the site is characterized by a unique microclimate for the area. A green roof extends the slop into the fabric of the house. South-facing glazing offers expansive views of the pond and the rolling landscape beyond; with access to a full-length deck, integrating all living spaces with the outdoors. Cedar boards continue from the ceiling to the exterior soffit, which together with the cedar deck, reinforce the house’s relationship with the exterior.

+House’s clean profile, refined details and eminently functional spaces belie a wealth of complex, health sensitive technology beneath. The house is built of Durisol Block – an inert concrete based product that produces no VOCs and inhibits the growth of fungi and molds. In keeping with the goal of zero-VOCs, the interior walls are finished with a natural clay plaster, a soy-based sealer was used for the concrete floors and counters, untreated silk and hemp fabric was used for the curtains, and hospital-grade Hepa filters were used in the duct system.

Aside of meeting her environmental sensitivities, the client also wanted a house that was environmentally responsible. This meant extensive research into a wide market of new products and customizing the search for locally produced materials suited to the climate. A green roof, FSC certified lumber throughout, heat-mirror triple glazing, a large south overhang minimizing solar gain, operable skylights for passive ventilation, and a pond loop geothermal system are just some of the features of this LEED Gold-targeted project.

In response to a unique set of client needs, the design set out to exceed the norm – and achieved an exemplary synthesis of sustainable and healthy design and aesthetics.
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