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Horizontal Skyscraper Vanke Center

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Horizontal Skyscraper Vanke Center

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By suspending the center over a tropical garden, the architects allowed for increased public space as well as ecological remediation of the landscape. One of Southern China’s first LEED Platinum mixed-use projects—with a hotel, offices, and apartments—the complex is as long as the Empire State Building is tall.

Jury: “This project skips along from mound to mound and manipulates the landscape; it builds it up and shapes it into a powerful form above the land with inventive manipulation.”

Client: “The weather is hot in Shenzhen, the summer is very long, so the design provides a way to create shade. People like the relationship between the building and the environment because the building provides a huge open space and at the same time provides a huge amount of shadow to the ground.” —Zhu Jian Ping, former project coordinator, Vanke
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