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Home on Big Mountain

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Home on Big Mountain

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2,500 sq. feet

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  • Interior Designer: Hunter & Co. Interiors





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Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

A narrow, nearly 22 foot-wide rectangle organized roughly along the east-west axis, the plan is oriented to take full advantage of views up and down the slope upon which the building rests. This curiously narrow arrangement is generously adorned with glazing in appropriate locations to allow natural light to fill the spaces within, to the point where no artificial lighting is needed throughout daylight hours. The main (public) entry is located in an inconspicuous and non-conventional location, far from the heart of the home. This was an intentional move, channeling guests down the long, clerestoried art gallery hall before being welcomed into the living area. Access to the upper floor (the most private area) exists at the westernmost terminus of this hallway, thereby condensing all circulation in the home to the northernmost 4 feet, adding to the overall efficiency of space use.

The entirety of the upper floor is a private, yet doorless, master suite for the bachelor owner. A hidden passage (detailed behind a moving wooden closet shelf) leads into the upper crawl space to the east of the bath and closet, cleverly housing the mechanical equipment, as well as sufficient storage for all that a bachelor could possibly muster.

Conceptually, the wood and stone exterior forms respond materially to the forested, mountainous region, but not in a traditionally rustic fashion; instead, the simple, singular pitch is a subtle architectural tip-of-the-hat to the rugged regional mountainscape that surrounds the home.
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