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Hjorring Library

Rosan Bosch Studio

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Hjorring Library


Østergade 30


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4,900 sq. meters

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Hjorring Libraries


  • Rosan Bosch
  • Jeppe Kleinheinz



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Project Description

A red ribbon winds its way through the rooms, breaking through walls, floors and bookcases. A bubble wall with large holes displays book reviews, and at the top of a staircase a giant mouth recites poetry. Welcome to the library of the future, where people meet across generation gaps and cultural differences.

In reflection of changes in society, libraries too have begun to take on a different role. In the future, we will use the library more as a meeting place and as a source of inspiration and new experiences. With a new interior design of Hjørring Central Library, Rosan Bosch has created an innovative vision of the library of the future with an emphasis on human interactions, experiences and user involvement.

In close cooperation with the staff and management of the library, Rosan Bosch has developed a new communication approach that turns the library into a multi-purpose experience and knowledge centre. The library’s most visually striking element is a red ribbon that winds through the rooms, taking on different functions along the way. The red ribbon breaks through walls, floors and bookcases, and as it makes its way through the library it acts, at various times, as a counter, a table and a shelf. The red communication structure connects all the library’s departments and activities and thus acts both as a decorative element and as an active communication tool for the library staff.

The same is true of a bubble wall with large holes for displaying and presenting reviews and a poetry staircase, at the top of which the listener encounters a giant mouth reciting poetry. The artistic design of the library space aims to inspire the users to see new possibilities and engage in dialogue with the environment.

The library is designed as a local meeting place that encourages involvement and active participation. There are gradual and balanced transitions between sections and facilities aimed at children, adolescents and adults, respectively, which helps tie the various library departments together. At Hjørring Central Library people can meet across generation gaps and cultural differences.
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