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Heliotrope - Kitchen

John Steed Homes

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Heliotrope - Kitchen

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  • Jeff Jeannette
  • Interior Designer: Rachel Hulan


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It has often been expressed that “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” Ours is no exception. We wanted a kitchen that not only had all the amenities of an efficient and functional cooking space; but also accommodated guests who inevitably congregate there. In the year we have lived here, it has fulfilled that dream and more. We are enjoying our 16’x16’ kitchen, including the large center island and utilitarian peninsula that borders the dining area and is adjacent to the family room. This open floor plan makes all three areas feel spacious, yet warm and inviting, and draws family and friends together. There are five seats on the dining side of the 40”x14’ peninsula and one on the kitchen side. The single seat faces the person sitting on the opposite side for conversation and sharing a meal. Additionally, one is able to watch the large screen TV in the family room. This spot is also a desk area, with Wifi, a roomy pencil drawer and a stack of drawers on the side. The wine refrigerator and bar supplies are conveniently located at the opposite end. The spacious 4’x8’ center island has a large prep sink, as part of the refrigerator and stove “triangle.” Entertaining is a breeze with lots of counter space for food and drinks, and floor space for mingling with friends. The kitchen is designed with areas devoted to making coffee, tending bar, and a baking station – all without getting in the way of the primary cook. The Cambria (quartz) countertops on all surfaces are perfect: they don’t stain (even with red wine!) and are resistant to heat, chipping, and scratching. They are a healthy choice (no off-gassing); and a breeze to clean up with soap & water. There are two types of LED lighting: recessed cans and task lighting. We use “cooler” bulbs over the island, and “warmer” bulbs in artistic hand-blown glass pendants over the peninsula. The blue-gray linoleum floors are durable, sustain resistant, easy to clean, and even a bit easier on one’s back and feet. A simple metal band accents and delineates the linoleum from the bamboo flooring in the other areas of the home. The Wenge cabinets are made with all FSC certified woods. We love all the storage space! There is a place for everything and everything has a place…and even a few empty drawers and cupboards! Under-counter corners are easily accessible with the Hafele LeMans blind corner pull-out shelving system. There are three pull-out cutting boards, used more for additional counterspace than for cutting. The baking station has a pull-out “appliance lift” system for our heavy KitchenAid mixer and cabinets for all the baking supplies. Guests frequently comment on the blue back-painted glass backsplashes, which are pretty and as easy to cleanas glass! To be energy-efficient, we have Energy Star appliances. To save water, we have low-flow faucets and an “ACT D’Mand” on demand recirculation pump system that virtually eliminates wait times for hot water.
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