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Project Description

To harvest is not only to take, but to produce, in an ongoing cycle interlacing all natural systems. HARVEST HOME is an ecologically-responsible home that harvests and replenishes nature’s gifts to create a deeply rooted connection to the natural environment, the human spirit, and the well-being of future generations. Our home produces energy, sustaining itself as well as the person who lives in it. Through different systems, it gains energy from the environment and replenishes what it uses.

The home HARVESTS the suns energy through it’s photovoltaic array and solar thermal system to both produce energy and heat our water.

Through heat and energy recovery, our home is able to HARVEST excess heat from our solar panels and appliances, reusing it instead of putting it to waste.

Our home has a rain screen to prohibit the infiltration of moisture and a rainwater collection system to HARVEST water in effort to replenish the landscape as well as utilize gray water within the home.

Natural ventilation HARVESTS wind to create a comfortable environment, particularly in the hot climate of Irvine, California.

The home owner can grow and HARVEST fruits and vegetables to encourage a healthy and self-sustaining life-style.

HARVESTED Materials throughout our home are reused and reclaimed, thus lowering our embodied energy content.
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