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Hair FX

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Hair FX

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940 sq. feet

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The existing Hair FX hair salon was 10 years old and in need of a fresh new look. Located on the concourse level of Commerce Court, the space suffered from a complete lack of natural light and a storefront that presented a closed face to the main pedestrian concourse.

The new design employs a warm palette of materials and extensive use of artificial lighting to create a rich and luminous environment. A series of wall screens, fabricated of transparent, translucent and solid materials, have been layered throughout the space in order to provide a feeling of openness while still affording a sense of privacy.

One long wall of the main cutting area is lined with back lit acrylic that has been covered with a rice paper film. This provides an even, soft lighting throughout the space. The opposite wall consists of a horizontal screen of solid walnut slats, spaced to provide views through to the salon’s main corridor, and imparting a sense of openness to an otherwise narrow space. The entry to the salon is on axis with a floor to ceiling mirror, desilvered with a backlit Hair FX logo that appears to float on its surface.

Porcelain tile flooring resembling light limestone is punctuated by bands of a tile made of riverstone set in epoxy. At the reception/entry, the riverstone tile forms an inset “welcome mat” that wraps up the front of the custom reception desk. A translucent glass screen between reception and the main cutting area is punctuated by random clear slots that offer tantalizing glimpses into the salon, while still providing an impression of privacy to clients. At the far end of the main cutting area, a translucent screen of steel and fabric that has been sandwiched between layers of acrylic provides a curtain-like separation from the colour area beyond.

All millwork was custom designed by Taylor Smyth, including the walnut reception desk with an integral leather clad bench, shelving of lacquered MDF and clear and back-painted glass, and all display and storage units.
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