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Grant & Camilla Bishop Residence

Arthur Dyson Architect

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Grant & Camilla Bishop Residence

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4,870 sq. feet



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Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

The challenges of the corner site, its accompanying road noises, nighttime traffic and headlights, along with the client's desire to capture the views yet maintain privacy presented a critical basis for the design. The opportunities were the views and the desire of the clients to build an embracing structure that would afford privacy, and feature openness.

The result is a 4,870 square foot home with a gently arched roof that frames and captures the spectacular views, while the minimizing east and west exposures.

The home embraces the natural beauty of the site while providing walls that protect and provide a sense of safety. To create a peaceful ambiance, many walls in the home have curved lines, similar to a protective shell. An 18-foot fireplace delineates the living room from the master bedroom and extends from the inside of the house on the outside. Over the fireplace, glass provides a sound barrier while creating an almost invisible connection.

The entire back of the house features continuous glazing with uninterrupted views of red cliffs, sage, and black lava rock. For privacy, very little of the street elevation is visible to passerby.

The design of this house joins outer stimulation with inner revelation to provide an intimate experience of residence. The peaceful colors, the contrasting textures, native stone and the views of natural surroundings, combined with the compositional interplay of light and horizon, fulfills the character of living space and privacy sought by the clients.
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