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Nuno Brandão Costa

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Guggenheim Helsinki



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An urban and landscape structure. A Museum with a view, a new waterfront space with extreme landscape perspectives.
The Tahititornin Vuori Park extension towards the waterfront integrates the museum into an ecological green system inside the city realm. The creation of a mirrored plan, reflecting the water and extending the city´s image and skyline. A metaphorical icon that shows itself in the urban outline, through its abstract radicality and its imagery continuity.

An ecological and sustainable construction. A living building – integrating plants, trees and structure.
No concrete and free-carbon construction, using wood as structural leading material, as a metaphor to Finnish construction tradition, ancient naval and harbor constructions. A limitless expressionist and deconstructed “Land Art” installation, that provides a first sensorial experience.

Space and Art, a Flexible Framework.
The concretization of generous, flexible, super-polyvalent and easy-changeable spaces. Simple powerful geometries, with natural lighting and engaging visual connections. The open configuration exhibition galleries with flowing spaces that can be adapted and reconfigured according to curatorial vision.

Guggenheim Helsinki Honorable Mention
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