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Guggenheim Helsinki



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The project envisions a new role for the high art institution - freeing itself from the limiting boundaries of the elitist, Guggenheim CITY composes an urban fabric at all levels. Contextually consious the proposal lays out a series of volumes that create threedimensional relations to the city, making it not only a museum of art, but a focal point for recreational and cultural lifestyles.

The Guggenheim becomes an extension of the city itself. The proposal understands the site as a common ground for the people of Helsinki, thus inviting visitors and passersby alike to participate in the synergic living in the democratic and inclusive cityscape.

The exhange between the institution and the streetlife makes room for informal urban and cultural programs as well as it generously offers a strong recreational link between city, park and waterfront: For a Guggenheim that is truely sustainable on all levels of life.

Guggenheim Helsinki Honorable Mention
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