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Garrett Park Elementary School

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GWWO, GWWO Inc./Architects

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Garrett Park Elementary School

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25,100 sq. feet

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Montgomery County Public Schools

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Project Description

GWWO recently worked with Montgomery County Public Schools to design a 75,250-SF addition to Garrett Park Elementary School, which replaced seventy-five percent of the existing school that previously resided on the heavily developed 4.3 acre site. Several expansions to the school occurred from the early 1950s through 1992, and in 2006 a small two-story, stand-alone addition was built. This project demolished all construction on the site except this 2006 addition. The new two-story structure design integrated with the 2006 addition to create a new complex that houses 662 students.

The new construction created a centralized main entrance for the school, responding to the bus and student drop-off loop locations. The administration suite is located between the two drop-off loops, which allows for easy supervision of the main entrance and the vehicles arriving on site. The media center is located on the second level adjacent to the upper lobby, so that it can be easily accessed from the main entrance.
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