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430 sq. feet


  • General Contractor: Schuchart/Dow—John Hoedemaker
  • Amos Morgan

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Outbuilding / Award
Seattle-based design studio Graypants transformed a detached garage on Vashon Island, off the coast of Tacoma, Wash. in Puget Sound, from a cluttered storage space into an airy waterfront retreat. In place of shingle-clad walls, the 420-square-foot structure now features a glazed envelope, with a bifold glass door that opens up the south façade. Reclaimed pine slats line the pitched glass roof, which is accented with interactive LED panels that run down to the floor. Fir boards from the existing garage walls were refinished and repurposed to line the floor; embedded panels can be propped up to form backrests for lounging or conceal storage compartments when closed. A built-in storage unit holds bookshelves, a desk, cabinets, and a hidden bar, and a narrow passageway outside the north wall boasts an outdoor shower. “The diagrams and the drawings are exquisite,” juror Joel Sanders said. “I think the way they found a balance between echoing the child's notion of what a shelter is, but to do it in a way that feels very fresh and contemporary, is such a smart thing to pull off.” —Katie Gerfen
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