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Gallaudet University Residence Hall Renovations

Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

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Gallaudet University Residence Hall Renovations

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Gallaudet University

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Project Description

Gallaudet University is the only institution of higher education in the world where all programs and services are specfially designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students.Understanding deafness, not as a disability, but as a unique culture based on four senses, this project seeks to enact DeafSpace Design Guidelines in four residence halls to enhance informal learning environments and facilitate the spatial scales of Sign Language Culture.

This project consists of very minor but meaningful insertions and remodeling of existing residence halls which are all in need of replacement over the coming years. This project is a stopgap measure to signifi cantly alter space, which was originally designed without a full deaf space consciousness, to incorporate the principles espoused in the DeafSpace Design Guidelines developed by Gallaudet.

Improvements include modifications to achieve greater interior and exterior visual connections, contrast wayfinding for those of limited sight, contrast finishes to achieve signing zones (body contrast to background), increase lighting distribution, revision to light color, floor material vibration articulation based on use and new automaticand sheltered entries with reduced thresholds and ramps.
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