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Galaxy Mall in Tianjin Cultural Complex


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Galaxy Mall in Tianjin Cultural Complex

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194,751 sq. meters


  • TADI architetto

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Project Description

The design concept for the Galaxy Mall in Tianjin Cultural Complex is derived from people’s yearning for this harmonious life. For the tvsdesign team, this meant to create a living environment which can harmoniously combine nature, culture, fashion, entertainment and social interaction.

More than a building design, the Galaxy Mall in Tianjin Cultural Complex is a place for living. A place where nature and culture, fashion and entertainment, social interaction and contemplation are in harmony. The core of this design concept is the belief that the commercial complex should open out to embrace the cultural activities and the natural amenities with the pedestrian flow of the grand promenade linking the Peoples Building and the Zhong Hua Opera House.

A faceted glass building is the sculptural icon of the Tianjin Cultural Complex. Arranged along a gentle arc, the café design and restaurants create a focal point for the internal street and gardens while creating a complementary building edge with the museum buildings across the lake. Together they serve to maintain the visual prominence and importance of the Opera House.

Drawing from the galaxy, the interior architects created four distinctly unique shopping experiences are discovered with the Sun, Moon, Star and Earth Courts. Each court in Galaxy Mall provides the customer with shopping and dining opportunities along with special features and entertainment venues.
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