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Forte da Graça Elvas

Sabrab Engenharia, Carlos Trindade Arquitecto

Project Name

Forte da Graça Elvas


Forte da Graça Elvas


Year Completed



11,000 sq. meters

Construction Cost



Camara Municipal de Elvas

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Project Description

The Forte da Graca is without doubt one of the foremost unique fortifications of its kidn still in existence. In spite of massive re-use in the past, most notably as a prison in modern times, the fabric is still very authentic and unique.

The monument itself is already in its own right of incredibel interest to any vsiitor, local or international, but the visitor needs to know more about its history and use over the centuries.

The prime aim of any project must be to preserve the monument for its own sake. Even if nothing is done beyond interpretation the monument is of an excellent level and should be able to attract visitors. However good, clear, not too long interpretation boards and film are necessary.

The process will be to create a space for interpretation of the historical existence of the fort of Grace, and return it to Elvenses.
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