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Flinders Street Station Proposal

ARM Architecture, Eduardo Velasquez + Manuel Pineda + Santiago Medina

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Flinders Street Station Proposal

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Victorian Coalition Government

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A courtyard within a station is an urban vision that respectfully embraces the site heritage whilst meeting the demands of a modern train station. It is a project for the people where a new urban forest will become the true heart of Melbourne.
OVERALL DESIGN MERIT - Flinders Street Station has become an obstacle in a city that has grown up around it at an alarming pace. Our proposal seeks to tap into the potential that this central site has to provide the missing link between some of the city’s most-cherished landmarks, whilst adding a new feature of value to the urban landscape of Melbourne.
The development of an urban park above the railway roof transforms the station into a highly accessible and usable public space that enhances both the everyday commuter and the visitor’s experience of Melbourne and contributes to its status as one of the world’s most liveable cities.
TRANSPORT FUNCTION - The railway experience has been greatly enhanced by the development of a new western concourse and the creation of two additional underpasses linking directly from Flinders Street to the Yarra River.
A new ferry terminal on the north bank of the river will allow for easy interchange between rail, tram and ferry. An extensive cycling facility has been provided in the rejuvenated Banana Alley Vaults. These increased facilities will transform Flinders Street Station into an exciting destination rather than just a transport hub as it is at present.
CULTURAL HERITAGE AND ICONIC STATUS - Our design has adopted a practical yet considered approach to the existing heritage fabric of the site. Banana Alley Vaults, Milk Dock and Signal Box A have all been preserved and sensitively adapted to meet the needs of a contemporary railway hub.
The iconic Administration Building has been retained in its entirety and its interior spaces refurbished. The historic ballroom and gymnasium will be converted into a railway museum for public enjoyment. A glass box atrium will shroud the southern façade, offering a sense of protection to this heritage element. The iconic views of the station, with its distinctive dome and clocktower, have been maintained.
URBAN DESIGN AND PRECINCT INTEGRATION - Our design stiches seamlessly into the urban fabric of Melbourne. The redevelopment of Banana Alley shifts the urban emphasis from Swanston Street and creates a new focus to the west, linking to the Aquarium and Crown Casino.
The relationship between the station and Federation Square has been enhanced, physically and visually, enabling a more fluid connection between these two civic spaces.
The development of an urban beach along the north bank of the river reconnects the east and west ends of the city, establishing a cultural corridor in this part of the city.

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