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Fallen Heroes Memorial

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Project Name

Fallen Heroes Memorial


200 N 6th Street



11,600 sq. feet


City of Philadelphia


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Project Description

Situated in Franklin Square Park, the site is configured to create a processional sequence towards a fixed white marble cube. The ground surface contains perpendicular stones in various tones and finishes, each engraved with texts, quotes and memories of those fallen. The cube is wrapped in a black stone band, emulating the band or veil placed over a badge in respect to a fallen hero. The surrounding landscape, retained by a cor-ten steel wall, slopes up towards the monument and encompasses the visitor creating an intimate moment of reflection. Evergreens stand at attention around the memorials edge, reminiscent of an honor guard. With a host of symbolic gestures representing common traditions of honoring the fallen, the Memorial hopes to capture and speak to the culture and tradition of our great first responders. From the plaza and stage area for the annual ceremonies, to the markers that list the names of our Heroes, the Memorial provides a place of remembrance at a community level as well as an individual one.
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