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Faculty of Health Sciences


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Faculty of Health Sciences

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  • Structural Engineer: Enrique Cabrera Martín, TEDECO
  • Elite Ingeniería
  • José Antonio Lubiano, José Carlos Castro
  • UTE MedioMundo arquitectos, Territorio y Ciudad
  • General Contractor: UTE SACYR- HELIOPOL- TECYSU
  • César Figueras
  • Celestino López
  • Esteban Salmerón

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Project Description


The organization for the new Health Sciences Campus of the International Competition in Granada (2006-2007),of which prize results at the commissioned of the Faculty of Health Sciences and determines the overall volumetric building of 130m long and 19m wide, allowing 10 floors and 3 floors west to east, in a dense extension southward along the Campus Technology and University Hospital.

Our project aimed to convert this ‘determinism’ into a positive variable and ‘tighten’ these parametres to allow the volume to provide both public and related spaces where possible. The creation of sort of ‘city halls’ that accesses on both ends saves 4m of space. The east access from the general service area of the campus, is locaded under the auditorium, under a large white cloth concrete (12x12m2) that supports the significant stands of the teaching space. The classrooms are arranged along the building sequencing double height spaces, patios and skylights. Under the tower space, is located the west access, that connects offices specialized classrooms with teachers and researchers, administration and Deanery.

We propose a building of simple and immediate materiality, where the concrete (white and textured) is visible on the elevations, the floor (continuous Terraces similar dosage polished) and the interior. The inner linings towards the leisure spaces are coated with black steel plate and epoxy paint on stairs and circulation spaces.
It has follow up the study and optimization of ‘traceability’ construction (local and job involvement of workers and subcontractors, origin and transfer of materials, etc.), which results in a comprehensive assessment of the “health”, a new understanding for ‘health’ as defined by the WHO, “a state of complete physical, mental and social welfare, and the state of adaptation of an individual to the place where it is in harmony with the environment”.
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