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ExpoCenter " Flora " - Seaside Park – Burgas - Bulgaria

Decor Design

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ExpoCenter " Flora " - Seaside Park – Burgas - Bulgaria


Seaside Park – Burgas - Bulgaria


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1,430 sq. meters

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Burgas Municipality


  • "DECOR DESIGN " - Burulyanovi Architects

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Project Description

Subject : Exposition Center " Flora " - Seaside Park – Burgas - Bulgaria
Project: 2013-2014 Realization: 2014-2015

Designers "DECOR DESIGN " - Burulyanovi Architects - Burgas -Bulgaria

Exposition Center was developed by the Architectural bureau "DECOR DESIGN" .This value of 1.7 million euro, is implemented by the Burgas Municipality with funds allocated under the financial JESSICA initiative of "Regional Urban Development Fund" JSC. Built-up area - 1 426.4 m2.
The project for the exhibition center "Flora" is a new, different and modern solution, proving social development of society and technology, but also continuity, dictated by the nature of the allotted land.
The overall concept for the Exposition Center "Flora Burgas» the territory of Seaside Park, as well as development of the adjacent territory, is based on the foundation of arhitekture design - functionality, aesthetics, innovation.

Functionality : The new building permits optimum area for exposures in this almost traditional now to place exhibitions . The main approach is sought and defined axis : sports complex - central entry - memorial flags - Sea. The main building consists of five main halls for exposures of varying heights , united in the middle with a foster distribution area , extra dome body for exposures for business stands in the courtyard and outdoor exhibition spaces .
Foster-distribution zone in the center of the composition is open, but powerful marked with glass top metal constructions. Modules 1-5 have opened exhibition spaces, rooms for large-sized vegetation, multipurpose room and administrative offices. Module 6 in the centre back with its domed silhouette reminiscent of the well-known image of the old "Flora" and offers some continuity in the vision, but of course in the treatment of the 21st century. Halls themselves have the opportunity to simultaneously use and for rental separately, for various events in nature.
All modules are all round side glazing with large windows, some with frosted white glass , intended to be part of the decorative lighting of the building. Volumes incremental increase in height as outline a memorable silhouette. Pledged materials synthesize between traditional page loop wood, stone, landscaping and modern - glass and metal.
Aesthetics : spatial decision is consistent with the silhouette , scale and specified parameters, such as forming an integral part of the landscape . Project is based on a careful study of the contact zone due to its proximity to the historic core of the Sea garden , but demand for unique silhouette that becomeя architectural symbol of the town.The result is a cleared in content as a logical decision as ethereal materials , color mood as design solution .
Moreover, following the correct height requirements , volumes , ethereal and entry into the environment expositional complex " pops " above the ground soft and graded in height forms and outlines the unique silhouette.
Innovation : A number of design decisions set in the site are rare in the country. Two of the modules have provided extensive landscaping on the roof , which contributes to the smooth integration of the building into the landscape . Very interesting and impressive moment are panels of vertical gardening in front of facades - so the flowers of the field crawl to cover in an interesting pattern .
Rainwater is collected in a special tank that is connected to the irrigation system, prior to the intended slope roof mounted photovoltaic system . Very evocative is the decorative lighting, highlighting materials wood effect and vertical landscaping. Materials used and individually developed parts provide maximum energy efficiency and sustainability of the building in the long run.
Uniqueness : The unique is the location in which the site was built - the Sea Garden of Bourgas way approach this environment , almost without any interference with respect to the existing vegetation. Exhibition centers , there are many , but precious of " Flora " is entered in the environment in which it is realized.
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