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Ex of In House

Steven Holl Architects

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  • Steven Holl
  • Dimitra Tsachrelia
  • Marcus Carter
  • Ruoyu Wei
  • Yuliya Savelyeva


  • Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates
  • Other: Matthias Schuler


918 sq. feet
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Project Description


July 17, 2015 — Steven Holl Architects (SHA) breaks ground for the Ex of In House in Rhinebeck, New York. It is an experimental guest house developed directly from the ongoing “Explorations of In” project at SHA.
Explorations of "IN" is an ongoing research project under development at Steven Holl Architects since June 2014. Questioning current clichés of architectural language and commercial practice, it has developed in a series of exploratory drawings and CNC model studies such as Triple Venn Diagram Mutilation and Hybrid Combinations: Tesseract within a Cubic Sphere. The explorations of a language of space, aim at inner spatial energy, shaping public space and social openness.
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