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Estes House

Estes/Twombly Architects

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Estes House

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  • General Contractor: Darlington Home Builders
  • Michael Mathers



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2003 RADA
Custom / 2,000 To 3,500 Square Feet / Grand

A Greenhouse formerly on the site inspired the layout for architect Jim Estes' house, and its materials draw from utilitarian New England structures. When the greenhouse was abandoned in the 1950s, the site went completely wild. "Every middle-aged person in this area spent their childhood throwing stones at the windows," Estes says.

The house's long, low profile is punctuated by two towers--one for the daughter's bedroom and another for the apartment bedroom. The entry corridor slices through the house along the axis of the old greenhouse, but Estes tilted the house 12 degrees to get a better angle on the sun.

Throughout, elements such as the exposed rafters and concrete floors with radiant heat create a look that's rich, but not too precious. "An epiphany was seeing Bill Murray in 'Caddyshack' cleaning his house with a leaf blower," Estes says. "In a joking way, it became one of the parameters of the design." The judges commented that this is "a good house, beautifully executed. The architects knew when to say when."
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