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Space / Juan Carlos Baumgartner

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José Vasconcelos Avenue

Project Status


Year Completed



4,660 sq. meters




  • Juan Carlos Baumgartner
  • Gabriel Téllez
  • Humberto Soto


  • Lighting Designer: LUA
  • Construction Manager: GIA



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Project Description

The Estafeta offices are located at Jose Vasconcelos Avenue in Mexico City.
The offices are distributed on 3 levels of the corporate headquarters, floor 3, floor 4 and floor 5, with a total on average of 4,660 m2. The 3rd floor has an open area, casual areas, formal and informal meeting rooms and a cafeteria for 80 people. The 4th floor has open areas, casual areas, formal and informal meeting rooms and reception. The 5th floor has open areas, casual areas, formal and informal meeting rooms and the management area.
Access by the core is found at the center of the tower, which makes it possible to have two accesses to the offices and to generate a perimeter circulation. Having the core at the center and the offices around the entire perimeter with views from the whole periphery, it was decided to leave all the constructed spaces in the center and the work stations toward the facade in order to obtain the greatest quantity of natural light for the interior.
As a guiding principle it was determined to place the reception on the central floor. This is in order to have direct access to the upper or lower level. In this reception there is a waiting area and meeting rooms for visitors, and reconfigurable rooms. This space is composed of a white marble floor that contrasts with the black reception furniture in order to generate a visual contrast; behind the reception there is a mural framed in wood with cubes that simulate abstract boxes, simulating one of the fundamental elements in the operations of the company. The logo in stainless steel was placed on these cubes, which frames the space. The smooth ceiling and the neutral colors create a sober space and the wood stands out as a warm material; to the sides of the reception there are two red waiting rooms that provide a contrast inside this monochromatic space and that finally are color accents with decorative illumination.
When entering the offices on any of the 3 floors what was designed was a space of visual closure, not going directly to the work stations; this allows for visual relaxation and a transition from a public collaborative space to a private work space. In this space there are informal work spaces with high chair bars and spaces for coffee and copies, integrated in a distinctive architectural element. This container which inspires the users generates multifaceted collaboration spaces, from a copies and coffee station to a formal meeting room with projector. This emblematic element of mobility reflects the values of the company and projects the image of the company to both the interior and the exterior. These containers are produced in form and geometry to scale 1:1 of a real container. This generates upon seeing them a sensation of grand realism. These steel containers painted white give us the basic essence of the element and with the interior furniture in corporate colors these spaces are connected to the container; the casual furniture of informal meeting rooms produce an equilibrium in the offices; in those spaces the slab is visible and the floor carpets are composed of random color accents that give a subtle color touch to the space.
In the open area of the 3 floors, it was sought to generate a more neutral space with grey toned carpets, furniture in clear tones and modular ceiling tiles in random white, with 80% ceiling and 20% visible slab with suspended lineal lighting. This generates a neutral space that is finished in accents of color in the casual areas.
In the cafeteria a different atmosphere was sought, to disconnect from the offices and evoke a warm and comfortable environment, and thus the wood and warm colors of the lighting were very important in this space.
With these concepts we are able to design modern offices, with technology that will provide the final user with not only a space with a great design, but also with tools that complement and encourage teamwork and learning.
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