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Ertan Altun Studio

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Ertan Altun

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Project Description

It's a studio for an artist. It's a playground for a designer. It's a gathering place for friends.

Therefore we designed what he needed; of course a long desk for hair make up, some space and walls reserved for him where he can paint, a library, screens for concert videos, a little courtyard, and a kitchenette alive and kicking all day long.

In terms of materials, we stayed neutral and simple with self levelling on the floors, plywood in terms of wood, iron profiles for structure and that was all.

Plain and simple; yet colorful and alive.

The short statement of Yasemin Arpac, one of the head designer of Ofist, about their design criterias and the brief of the client:

Sometimes i have an opinion as how my hair should be cut... He tells me 'did i interfere with your design while we were working on the design of this studio?'. And then i hush. Yes he just stated what kind of a person he is and always has been. And nothing else.

We've known each other for years. I am one of the many frequenters who became friends in time. So i knew what he needed, what he expected and what he dreamed of. Nothing much. Just some space for him to be himself... And share it with friends/clients. He is an extra ordinary hair designer, always innovative and ahead. Mostly he just needed space; where he can be comfortable, where he can host, and enjoy it all.

Interior Design: Ofist / Yasemin Arpac & Sabahattin Emir
Client: Ertan Altun (
Project Coordinator: Goksen Gungor
Wood works: Tayfur Somer
Iron works: Sen Metal
Self levelling: Dogu Kardesler
Electrical works: Gulay Elektrik
Plumbing: Simtes
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