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Eco_Hack 2016

Biome Arts

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Eco Hack 2016

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Eco_Hack 2016

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Eco_Hack 2016
Free art, performances, and skill-sharing on a floating food forest in NYC.
Eco_Hack 2016 is a free, month-long gathering in July in NYC open to the public that includes a large installation, a performance series, and skill-share workshops. Eco_Hack 2016 by Biome Arts is taking place this summer at Mary Mattingly’s Swale, a floating food forest on the Hudson River.

Eco_Hack 2016 is a unique platform for design, art, engineering, and politics; it makes tools for ecological sustainability, civic technology, and distributed governance accessible to everyone.

Swale is set to launch in late June 2016. Eco_Hack 2016 will take place in July 2016.

1. Location: Mary Mattingly’s Swale
In June 2016, eco-artist Mary Mattingly will launch Swale, a floating food forest on the Hudson River. Swale will serve as the site for Eco_Hack 2016. Docking dates, locations, and more information about Swale can be found on

2. Eco_Hack 2016 Installation
Biome Arts is building a large-scale architectural structure on Swale. This structure will serve as performance space, meeting hall, gallery, and platform for other artworks. The installation gathers environmental data (precipitation, wind, moisture, plant growth, etc.) from the surrounding plants and projects interactive data visualizations back onto the structure and forest.

3. Eco_Hack 2016 Events
Our artistic and activist collaborators will use the installation to conduct a variety of events. We will host performances such as Shake by Lucia Monge, which uses a speculative language informed by the installation’s data to translate the movement of trees to the human body. We will host artwork such as Data Bell by Brian House, where the installation’s data is mapped to the parameters of ringing bells that subsequently change their character over the course of the day, reflecting the "mood" of the forest. Eduardo Robles and Adam Clark will host skillshares in urban agriculture, sensor agriculture, renewable energy, mesh networks, data privacy and distributed governance, using our installation’s features as examples. Ari Kalinowski and Chihao Yo will use the event to develop a Green-Black Alliance (Green Party - Pirate Party) for NYC, i.e. a unifying banner and support network for the diverse initiatives and groups that currently support clean energy, cooperative economics, and open data.

4. Other Press & Materials
• Eco_Hack 2016 has already attracted significant press
• Biome Arts has an Indiegogo campaign at
• High resolution images can be found at this google folder

About Biome Arts

Biome Arts is a collective of artists, designers, engineers, biologists, and activists collaborating to produce art that anticipate the next global paradigm: sustainable, open-source, commons-based culture. Biome Arts seeks alternatives to the destruction of the environment, copyright regimes that stifle innovation, and property regimes that diminish our common space.

Our Eco_Hack events include large scale, physical + digital + biological environments that enable the development of new social, political, and economic commons. In addition to standing as installation artwork in their own right, these interactive environments serve as unique platforms for invited artists to create additional ambitious, multidisciplinary works. To find out more about Biome Arts and Eco_Hack 2016 please visit
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