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E3 Civic High


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Project Description

From the Entry Park the central circulation provides students with more than just a path of travel. The transparent connection between education and community is emphasized with the central steps and gallery space connecting the two floors.
The way in which students actively access information today is very different from the way they were given information in the past, the Central Steps are surrounded with opportunities for display of student work, student pride and student digital activity. Every gathering space has a pull out or quiet area and every learning cluster or village has a small team room in addition to the larger social space. These informal environments support 21st century learning skills with areas for critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
The principles of design for e3 Civic High School centralized around the three ideas of personalization, student connections and flexibility. The combination of these themes, the co-location of the Library and the context of the Urban Setting give e3 the ability to engage, educate and empower life-long learning.

Just as in a real-world setting, innovation can occur at any moment. At e3, the ‘in-between spaces’ mattered just as much as the program components. Based on the experience mapping exercise, the idea that inspiration can occur at intersections of these programs meant that movement mattered. To encourage movement throughout e3, every space has multiple functions to give purpose and attract multiple users.
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