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Incek is an area of Ankara, which appeals to the taste of high income group and populated by two storey houses with gardens. It is becoming more popular with its fresh air and fast-flowing traffic. More residences are being constructed after TED College moved its campus to Incek.
Incek area is surrounded by Konya Road- where there are shopping malls, business centers and residences- Mevlena Avenue, Oran, Gölbaşı and Çayyolu. With its easy access to the freeway and its closeness to business centers and shopping malls, it stands out as a popular choice for branded-residence construction.
Duru Beytepe Project is designed on the parcel 29350-1 that has 47.276 m² area in Incek, known for the quality residence construction. While architectural project was being designed, a big landscape area and residence blocks that surround this area constitutes main design and location of the project. While developing residence typologies, the residences we define as 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 and garden dublex; the residences above average in terms of area are situated on 8 horizontal blocks in total and residences with smaller areas in meter squares are gathered into two towers.
The North facade of parcel facing the hospital is taken into consideration when locating the towers. The towers are gathered on the north side/point of the land/field so that the shadows of the towers won’t fall on the horizontal blocks. This enabled two L-shaped blocks of residence and tower to be situated properly on the parcel.
The maximum number of residences to be constructed on the parcel area is 524. In the current project, 484 residences have been designed. 188 out of 484 total residences are 2+1 residences/flats. 39 percent of total residences consist of 2+1 flats. 61 % consists of 3+1 and bigger flats. This is a crucial element in terms of projects quality and its characteristic.
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