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Dinglebrook Lane

Simply Baths, Inc.

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dmadsen, hanley wood, llc

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Dinglebrook Lane

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123 sq. feet


  • Rachel Peterson
  • Interior Designer: Rachel Peterson


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The priorities for this master bath remodel included an increased shower area, room for a dresser/clothes storage, the introduction of some sustainable materials, and salvaging some of the previous fixtures. The former bathroom had walls delineating separate areas for the shower, tub, toilet and vanities. The space felt cramped and choppy. Once all of the walls were removed, the room felt spacious and filled with light. During demolition a few of the previous materials were salvaged for re-use, including light fixtures and windows. A large window that had formerly been stuck in the corner of the room was relocated to be centered in the space and over the new tub. The homeowners prefer to use sustainable man-made countertops throughout their home, so we brought in a local fabricator to create stone using concrete and recycled glass. One of the homeowner’s top priorities was to create clothes storage in the bathroom so they could get rid of one of the many dressers in their bedroom. A custom built-in was created to house all of the husband’s clothes and was tucked neatly into the space formerly occupied by the shower. One of the biggest challenges and physically one of the largest items to be newly introduced in the room was the tub. It was a floor model that the homeowners fell in love with and bought at an extreme discount. They felt it was too good to pass up, but it was also very big and very boxy. Instead of fighting the size and shape, we designed the space around it and made it a focal point of the room. Many of the other lines in the room echo its geometric and modern clean lines. The end result is a crisp, clean aesthetic that feels spacious and filled with light. The bathroom deserves an award for its edited use of materials, its serene and simple design and its successful fulfillment of all the homeowner’s wishes.
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