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Design and Naked Mole Rats

Andrew Pressman, FAIA Architect

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dmadsen, hanley wood, llc

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Design and Naked Mole Rats

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200 sq. feet


  • Andrew Pressman, FAIA




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Project Description

A trip to the National Zoo inspired the concept for adjacent bedrooms for 7-year-old twins. They loved the idea of a giant play structure incorporating their sleeping, study, and play areas. They thought of the concept after observing naked mole rats scampering through plastic tubes within their uniquely constructed environment. Samantha and Daniel applied the analogy to their own situation and helped to design it using a chipboard study model. Objectives included creating a space that becomes a three-dimensional portal to a world of imagination and dreams; a safe haven to inspire creative thinking; and fostering independence yet nurturing camaraderie. The spacious double beds provide the perfect setting for family gatherings such as evening storytelling, castle banquets, and oceanic voyages with Bruce, the 8-foot shark. They love the bridge, which enables them to visit each other (without their parents' knowledge) long past bedtime, and to never fear being alone in the dark.
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