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Daning International Retail Project

PH Alpha Design

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PH Alpha Design, PH Alpha Design Limited

Project Name

Daning International Retail Project


Hefei City

Year Completed



27,440 sq. meters


Daning International Investment Management Ltd.

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Project Description

PH Alpha designs for Daning International the project combining functions of commercial, office and residential; the stylish and modern architecture style combines with local context, forms the signature point of Hefei City.

The façade of the retail mall is inspired by the pattern of pomegranate flowers. Hefei people see it as a valuable symbol of good fortune and, together with cassia are the city flower of Hefei. The multi-level and different forms of beauty symbolizes Hefei people friendly, good quality and its ability to innovate.

After extracting abstractions, the array of hexagonal grids form the base unit of façade; the convex and concave multilayer form the base unit, together with the LED background lighting, making the retail mall to be the future iconic building in Hefei.

The project use advanced standardize units for the construction, ensure feasibility of the programme. Scenario to 1.8 metres a unit distance between the centre point of the repeating hexagonal arrangement, each hexagonal cell a parallelogram can be split into three units, a total of four sizes of glass, which greatly simplifies difficulties during construction, and saving construction costs. The concave and convex effects will make the façade looking dynamic and richly varied.
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