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D Cafe


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D Cafe

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Dogus Automotive AS




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Project Description

D Café is designed under the concept of providing a social interaction space for employees of Dogus Automotive AS in central corporational campus which located in Çayırova region of Kocaeli.

Simplicity, humancentric proportion and transperency are the tools that make this building inviting. The details on facade surfaces, changing compositions on coatings break the solid impression by integrating building with landscape and providing an eye contact to it’s users with the green area on front of it.

In order to create user-friendly social space, designers had considered easy and flexible use. In addition, the integrated design approach supported by creating a design language with the facade and mass of the building . All interior elements follow the same language with the building in harmony with their material, texture and color selections.

Transperency had been one of the key words of the design while aiming to increase the relation between building and it’s surrounding. This leads impressive light and shade movements in the interior and outer space of the building while getting maximum advantage of natural lightning.

Details on glass coatings, perforated antasite metal plates, had created a rythmic composition on the facade surfaces. Also the design shows environment friendly character by using recycled metal plates and flat textures on it’s facade while the expressive eaves completes the contour of the mass of the building.

The single-floor design approach that follows the human scale, recycled material coated defining surface reflects MuuM’s design flavour.

Buildings simple but environment integrated form links it’s users with the green space front of it, by showing an extrovert behave massively. This extrovert approach defines not only an architectural mass composition furthermore it builds physical contextual web with the surrounding.


Project name : D Cafe
Architectural Office : MuuM
Client : Dogus Automotive AS
Project Location : Istanbul / Turkey
Construction Area : 150 sqm
Construction Year: 2015
Photography: Anday BODUR
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