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Culpeper County High School

Hord Coplan Macht

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Culpeper County High School

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Culpeper County High School

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Hord Coplan Macht is designing the complete renovation Culpeper County High School, 1969-era high school for Culpeper County Public Schools. The building had an addition in 2002 and has undergone some minor systemic improvements over the years. The multi-story school shares a site with an adjacent middle school.

With the recent opening of Eastern View High School, the over-crowding issues at CCHS were relieved. Now the aging facility is in need of a comprehensive renovation along with various programmatic improvements. The major systems in need of replacement or overhaul include the HVAC system, the electrical and lighting systems, the exterior building envelope – mainly the roof and windows, all interior finishes, interior doors and hardware, and various fixtures and equipment. The building must also be brought up to current code and ADA standards.

The construction will occur while the school is occupied and in full operation.

A careful phasing strategy is being developed, to provide an efficient and cost effective project while maintaining the safe and secure use of the school. Understanding this was an important issue for the school system, Hord Coplan Macht augmented our design team with a construction consultant to specifically address the phasing. The consultant is assisting in the development of the design, with particular emphasis on the phasing and schedule implications.

Hord Coplan Macht’s team is turning this pragmatic project into an opportunity to fully maximize the functional potential of the school and its program. The project offers an excellent vehicle to celebrate and reinforce the sustainable features and strategies within the County and the school, including using the actual construction phase as an on-site laboratory for the students and community to see first-hand how this project is designed and built to achieve a high degree of environmental conservation.
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