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Chromatic structural Facade for the Kenex Plaza office building

Atelier Articruz

Project Name

Chromatic structural Facade for the Kenex Plaza office building


Obarrio, Bella vista. Intersection between 59th street and Samuel Lewis Ave.

Project Status


Year Completed



7,919 sq. meters

Construction Cost



Kenex Plaza office building


  • Albis Del Barrio
  • Jorge Cruz
  • Carlos Cruz Diez


  • Structural Engineer: Industrias Tello Pérez

Room or Space





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Project Description

This art piece of great proportions covers the three levels of parking on the north and west of the Kenex Plaza building, located in the intersection between the Samuel Lewis avenue and 59th street, its construction involved CNC fabrication processes for the assembly jigs and aluminum frame module parts as well.

The artist proposed an 'assembly of tubular elements and triangular fins', installed in such a way that they function as an envelope for the three parking levels of the building. The design allows for sufficient light and air to come into these areas as well as creating a chromatic environment for each level on which you can see through inside and out. The art piece was conceived for both a pedestrian and vehicular scale, meaning that it takes in account the size and placement of the building regarding its surroundings, just as the different focal points that it could be looked at from a distance. It was created in the same red, green and blue hues through the different parking levels but on each level diferent hues are generated due to their placement in the different elements of the building enclosure. The artpiece is divided in three types of modules, one per each level of parking lot, and has an overall size of 36 meters of length and 9 meters height on the west facade as well as 42 meters of length and 9 meters high.

The artist who designed this chromatical intervention worked from the beginning with the Atelier's architect and the engineers in charge of the building's construction.
He did so with the purpose of achieving a real integration of art and architecture. This cooperation between all parts allowed for a harmonic confluence of the different languages of those involved.
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