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COTE Top Ten Students: HRR: Harvest, Recycle, Reuse

Iowa State University

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COTE Top Ten Students: HRR: Harvest, Recycle, Reuse

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Concept Proposal


  • Heidi Reburn
  • Sean Wittmeyer

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Project Description

From the AIA:

Harvest, Recycle, Reuse (HRR) is a fantastic example of sustainable strategies combined to serve small apartments above a craft bakery and a trendy restaurant + bar, standing out through it’s integration of sustainability, community service, and flexible program through design. While serving the people and programs within, the 13,500 sqft building utilizes new technology and old practices to optimize energy use and generation to better serve its users and the environment.

From the jury:

The students are thinking about real people and shifting the discussion from the building as an object to an object that people inhabit. The timeline and narrative of building usage is a nice way of analyzing different programs of the building at different times of day while studying human interaction with the space. The design takes into account the lifecycle and livability of the building throughout an entire 24-hour day. Design moves and their effect on energy usage are carefully considered.
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