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Community | City: Between Building and Landscape. Affordable Sustainable

Marilys R. Nepomechie Architect

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Community | City: Between Building and Landscape. Affordable Sustainable

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The community of Smoketown, Ky.—a traditionally black residential neighborhood on the Ohio River and near a historic Olmsted park—needed a vision for revitalization after years of neglect. This community development plan knits existing public spaces with new infill in an effort to establish a walkable community that celebrates its sense of place.

Jury: “The challenges facing Smoketown are found in small and large communities everywhere. Likewise, the plan for Smoketown, with its emphasis on infill development, sustainable landscaping, and sensitivity to cultural and historic components, is a model for communities near and far.”

Client: “This plan works because it’s very attuned to the particular circumstances of this neighborhood. It doesn’t try to make the neighborhood something it’s not. It respects the culture and respects the historic visual language of the buildings.” —David Mohney, dean emeritus and professor of architecture, College of Design, University of Kentucky
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