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Commercial and Administrative Complex of Niavaran

Atlas Niavaran

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Soran, www.Fold www.instagram/Foldplus

Project Name

Commercial and Administrative Complex of Niavaran


South east of Niavaran Park, Niavaran, Tehran


Year Completed



130,000 sq. meters

Construction Cost



Atlas Niavaran


  • Construction Manager: Fold Plus

Certifications and Designations

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Project Description

This project is a shopping center with open urban places, first developed to
make an interaction between online and offline users, second to create a
dialogue between green nature and citizens, third to connect Niavaran Park
at the north with crowded urban square at the south.
Interior public space of the project is a dynamic interactive place which make
a good connection between online and offline users to express their thoughts
through SMS, Bluetooth, internet, and their using a smart system
all of these thoughts can be gathered and interpreted to visual images which
can be reflected on installed digital surfaces, interfaces, and media meshes.
In fact we have created a hybrid-virtual space for online and offline citizens.
This place should be able to make a good connection between online and
offline users and also connect its user and share the online experience with
whom are not able to use internet. The green landscape of Niavaran park is
dragged within the project to establish a direct connection with the building
and more over to form an urban social interaction space. The location and the
high slope of the site, provides the possibility to reconcile populated urban
space with green urban space. As the result two semi-open urban plazas with
special functions is created in 2 major part of the site which attract people and
bring them inside plazas. Applying warm and caller materials along with water
motion, vegetation plus openings in eastern walls and central void which
provides a unique view to pick of Damavand Mountain characterize this mediator
In this project we have pursued and developed a creative idea about how to
place the nature in communication with virtual and interactive citizen space.
We implement this goal by choosing some trees and recording their reaction
to environmental events with a lie detector; subsequently data would be
converted and interpreted to light, 3D sound and pictures in the plazas. This
issue helps a quick, mutual and uncensored communication between human
with human, human with city nature and city nature with human that takes place
for the first time. The idea (for the first time) was experimented by Cleve
Backster in the process of applying polygraph (equipment used for lie-detection)
on plants to measure their responses. Bio communication in plants by using
polygraph machine in 1960s led to his theory of “primary perception”.In series
of experiments, now the signals coming from plants can be converted into
digital data which leads to direct communication with plants.
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