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Collider Activity Center. Competition. The project is finalist

Architectural studio Keremidski

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Collider Activity Center. Competition. The project is finalist


Zecho Gumuchev Str


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8,097 sq. meters

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Project Description

The current project for Collider Activity Center aims not only to construct a building with materials appropriate for active sport, but also to bring a piece of nature into the urban environment. It follows the idea to both create city space and influence human psychology. The goal of the project is to bring people back to nature. To provoke them. To make them curious and passionate about something new in town. “New” as a concept and a way of life. The project aims at visual and spiritual harmony that makes people associate themselves to a place they actually belong to. Collider Activity
Center aims to become not just the next fashionable place in the capital, but to be perceived as an oasis in the physical and spiritual sense of the word. Addiction to a piece of land in Sofia.
The concept of Collider Activity Center is attractive and speaks for itself. What this project adds to the general picture is that it can actually addict large number of people, successful, active, or just citizens of Sofia, to a building with no defined walls and a rooftop they can walk on – a place they can be themselves and truly feel comfortable by discovering various types of leisure activities, by relaxing, networking, practicing sports or simply enjoying the location.
The architectural concept is expressed not only in the construction of a building with an adjoining park, but in the creation of a symbiotic organic whole –a building, green areas, water areas, alleys: a piece of nature incorporated in the urban environment with no clear boundaries within the plot. The result is natural and harmonious blend of the different elements. Visitors will be able to pass "through" the building, over the building, along the building. This creates an environment close to nature – surprising, harmonious and diverse, without clear distinctions between the elements. There is always more to discover.
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