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College Master Plan, Brazil

Malik Arch Practice

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College Master Plan, Brazil

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Concept Proposal


200,000 sq. feet

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College Master Plan, Brazil

A master plan for college in Rio, Brazil is designed by Malik Archi Practice. Design is on square plot of size 700’x700’ (approximately 4.5 hectares). The college will house four academic departments (commerce, science, arts and IT), research centres, conference halls, library, administration, common areas for students.
Master plan is designed in circular form. Building at the centre will serve as administration, student centres, library, halls, refreshment, etc. Four campuses (commerce, science, arts and IT) are planned on diagonal axis around the central building. All buildings are easily accessible from one another serving as single unit while maintaining their individuality. Parking is provided around the buildings, so that approach to each building is easy and one can park their vehicle in front of relevant department rather than having parking on just one area. Parking facility can accommodate 440 cars and 16 buses.
Brazil is famous for its greenery. Lush green lawns and trees are planned around the buildings. Student will enjoy the outdoor activity in natural and pleasant atmosphere. Trees will reduce the noise and air pollution.
Sustainability is achieved by solar energy panels installation on roofs of buildings and all light poles on road, parking area and around the buildings will also have solar energy panels. The building will also have rain/storm water collection system, which will be used after recycling.
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