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CitiLog Newark Urban Sawmill


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CitiLog Newark Urban Sawmill


82-88 Springdale Avenue


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CitiLog was started in 1991- we are widely regarded as one of the most experienced wood upcycling and repurposing companies in the country. Thousands of trees in urban and suburban areas are cut down each year due to age, disease, storm damage, and development. CitiLog’s mission is not only to repurpose or upcycle this urban wood, but also to take great care in social responsibility and improve surrounding communities.

The sawmill takes urban trees and logs normally considered waste and upcycles them to later be turned into furniture, lumber, cabinetry, millwork, and a wide variety of finished wood products. The sawmill is powered by our own wood waste that produces 100% carbon neutral electricity and heat which is used in the operation of the facility. CitiLog also provides disadvantaged youth with green-collar jobs and positive work environments. We are actively pursuing a LEED Platinum certification for the site.

The CitiLog Newark Sawmill has created a lot of great press and we have been in multiple magazines and on many websites including The Huffington Post, Inhabitat, and ABC news. Visit this link to see a short video about what we are all about

CitiLog is setting a new standard for the role that local businesses should play in promoting economic development, neighborhood revitalization, sustainability, and job creation for disadvantaged youth and ex-offenders. Just as the trees are grown in the city, lumber products from these trees should be created and consumed in the city. CitiLog is becoming an environmental resource for Newark, NJ and its surrounding towns/municipalities. As an example, the town of Secaucus has recently passed an ordinance that mandates all fallen trees in the town must be sent to CitiLog to be upcycled. The ordinance is part of Secaucus' Upcycling Initiative and the vote to put it in place was unanimous. Over the past few weeks since Hurricane Sandy, CitiLog has played an integral part in helping with the cleanup from storm damage. CitiLog is accepting loads of logs for no charge. Trucks from Newark and surrounding towns were lining up to drop off logs from trees that came down during the storm.

CitiLog is also in the process of designing a line of unique, slab inspired furniture made from beautiful, unique urban logs.
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