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Christopher S. Bond Bridge

Touchstone Architecture

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Christopher S. Bond Bridge

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Missouri Department of Transportation

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Project Description

The kcICON project is intended to provide a unique visual statement that complements the identity of Kansas City. It is a bridge with a cable-stayed main span whose graceful lines are born out of the function and structural needs of the bridge. When approaching the bridge, motorists will be treated to a view of the skyline that is enhanced by a single, delta-shaped pylon, with scale appropriate to its visual surroundings. The bridge design is cohesive from end to end. The lines of the approach spans and piers have been developed to become visually integrated into the design of the main span. In addition, the bridge is transformed at night with a unique lighting scheme, expanding the iconographic power of this structure. Aesthetics is not applied as an afterthought. Rather, the design team has worked diligently to create a bridge whose graceful lines and unique visual experiences flow naturally from the structural elegance of this solution.
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