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Chilmark, Mass., Residence

Moskow Architects, McGrath Carpentry Services

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Chilmark, Mass., Residence

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2,700 sq. feet


  • Moskow Architects
  • McGrath Carpentry Service
  • Milton
  • Mass
  • Tiasquam Enterprises
  • Eric Roth

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Project Description

2006 CHDA
Accessory Building / Merit Award

Approaching this summer house entails a long stroll through a scrub oak forest. As residents or visitors walk along the raised boardwalk their first encounter is with an outdoor shower. It's a place to rinse away stress and let go of inhibitions before entering vacation mode. Situating the shower between parking area and house also lets beach-goers clean off before heading inside. The judges liked the idea of making “the outdoor shower a real event” and found its design both “cute and cool.”
The shower stands out as the sole curvilinear element within Keith Moskow and Robert Lynn's rectilinear design. “The shower is in the character of the house, but it also wanted to be different,” says Moskow. “We went with the abstract idea of bathing in a barrel, although it's a refined barrel.” The slatted shower offers enough cover for privacy while allowing bathers glimpses of nature. Stopping the enclosure short of the roof adds to the open-air atmosphere. Cedar slats elevated about 2 feet above the walkway keep proportions in synch but also add humor to the structure. “I liked the idea that you could see feet under the base of the barrel,” chuckles Moskow.
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