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Chicago Loop DeCarbonization Plan

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

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Project Description

A holistic vision for City of Chicago to reach its carbon reduction goals for the Loop based on the Chicago Climate Action Plan. Over three years we have developed strategies by creating synergistic relationships yielding greater carbon savings and lifestyle enhancements than if implemented separately.
Initially we considered buildings only. It developed into an integrative approach considering density, water, waste, infrastructure, mobility, community engagement, renewable energy, finance.
We continue to move this ambitious plan forward.
Last year publishing: Toward Zero Carbon: The Chicago Central Area DeCarbonization Plan (ISBN: 978-1864704334).
The Plan has been a catalyst for other projects: Seattle2030, Chicago Department of Aviation Sustainability Roadmap, Great City, China.
This spring it became the precedent for IIT design studio and an invitation from CAF to exhibit the students' work.
We present to audiences like the Living Future Conference and Stuart Business School-IIT. These offer opportunities to engage community and investigate design/finance strategies.
We have been chosen to participate in AAF/Sustainable Cities Design Academy - working with experts in finance, business, public relations on an implementation approach.
The Parametric Model was launched as an online energy calculator for commercial buildings that navigates steps and measures to move a building toward energy savings.
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