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Cezign NYC Penthouse


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Cezign NYC Penthouse

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Cecilia Dupire

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Cecilia Dupire picked this New York penthouse apartment for the view.  On the Upper East Side, the original apartment was  a large space  filled with small, dark rooms.   In only seven months, a complete gut-renovation took place. 
Cecilia opened the whole apartment up so that sunlight streamed in from every room.  The kitchen is next to the living room so that she could cook while still being in touch with her guests or family in the living room or dining room, and take in the spectacular views from everywhere.  The kitchen is a marvel of design, with everything hidden away, including the stove range, which appears when needed. The floor is made from very long strips of wood that elongate the whole apartment.  There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a stairway to Cecilia’s office and a beautiful outdoor space that almost makes you forget you are in New York City!

The whole apartment feels even more spacious because it is white, and the furnishings are modern, minimal, with pops of color and a few key vintage pieces, since Cecilia believes in preserving the past while moving into the future. There are many outdoor and indoor pieces of Cecilia’s new interactive furniture collection, ZIG, which she co-created. There is a rug made by her mother, paintings of her children, and lighting designs created by Cecilia for past projects, among different accessories and collections that signify everybody in the home’s personal interests and endeavors.

It is a practical, comfortable, and ultimately relaxing oasis in the middle of the city For Cecilia to pursue her many new design projects (two new ones include spaces in Southampton and a large project in France). She lives here with her husband and children. 

Cecilia Dupire is an interior architect and designer, originally from Sweden. The co-designer of the interactive furniture brand, Zig by Cezign, and Principal of Cezign. Cecilia Dupire has worked with well-known architects and furniture designers across Europe, including Michael Philip Wolfson, Zaha Hadid’s senior designer for many years, Rupert Gardner Design in Sweden, among others. Her experience is in both commercial and residential design. She studied in London and Vienna, and has had experience restoring medieval homes in the South of France, which shows in her respect for tradition and character.
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