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Centennial Community Centre

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Centennial Community Centre

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40,000 sq. feet

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Project Description

Additions to the existing building include new entries, fitness club, gymnasium and interior Bocce facility. The existing pool change rooms were renovated, along with administrative offices and the lobby. The existing parking lot was redesigned to create a more urban forecourt/drop off to the building with a public plaza animated by benches, lighting and planting.

A new glass enclosed interior ramp from the ground to the second floor is a feature of the main façade of the building and celebrates accessibility. The upper part of the ramp projects out from the building, providing views of users moving between the floors. The adjacent fitness club is enclosed on two sides with a glass wall consisting of translucent glazing interspersed with slots of clear glass and one large "sky view" picture window.

A tall wall of yellow glazed block runs the length of the main interior street/corridor as an orientation device, projecting out into the public plaza. Along it runs a 55 foot long canopy, welcoming and providing shelter. Inside, many new openings provide views from circulation spaces, both into activity areas and between adjacent activity areas.

The building qualified for a $60,000 CBIP grant for energy saving measures. A series of up-front additions to the building program will provide annual operating savings of $70,000 with a payback period of approximately 3 years.
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