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Centennial Chromograph

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Centennial Chromograph

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As an experiment in data spatialization, the project’s aesthetic effects—its curvature and its coloration—are in many ways a direct product of the historical data that was employed within the design process. The final construction, however, transcends these quantitative origins and takes on a dynamic presence within the school’s existing courtyard space. One of the most exciting and unexpected effects of the structure is its changing appearance in different conditions of light and shadow. Most dramatic is its behavior in the late afternoon sunlight that filters down through the clerestory in the courtyard space, producing intense shadows and reflections of the colored pencils between the ribs. The project’s careful calibration of quantitative data, materiality, and spatial effect allows it to take on multiple readings at multiple scales. This perceptual multiplicity has added a richness and element of surprise to the spatial experience of Rapson Hall’s courtyard.

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