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This salt water pond refuge is surrounded by water on three sides. Existing marine shrubland surrounds and stabilizes the shoreline. As part of a comprehensive landscape renovation, a new vision for this four-acre site improved the recently renovated and expanded house's relationship to the original landscape.

Native specimen trees and shrubs were strategically introduced to provide scale and spatial distinction. Coastal flowering shrubs were woven into the disturbed edge to provide transitions into the new outdoor rooms surrounding the house. Subtle grade adjustments aug¬ment their use and create apparent distinctions between "garden rooms" and "garden paths".

The south lawn was extended and reinforced with massive drifts of Switchgrass, Yarrow, Ox Eye Daisies, Russian Sage, and Joe Pye Weed. This flowering coastal meadow provides another important landscape transition between the lawn and the irregular pillow forms of the marine shrubland.
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