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Case Study House

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Case Study House

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Concept Proposal


1,250 sq. feet



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Project Description

“My Space is Small. My Life is Big.” – From Graham Hill. Excerpted from the New York Times article, “Living with Less.” (3/19/2013)

Like Henry Thoreau’s little cabin next to Walden Pond, this project echoes the spirit that less is more. Located on a typical 50’x120’ lot, the home’s small footprint and orientation on the site enable a rich dialogue between art, culture, architecture and landscape in everyday life. The glass skin of the house dissolves the barriers between interior and exterior, creating a dynamic juxtaposition between the urban orchard outside and a continuous painted mural, representing the everyday architecture and urban fabric of Miami, within.

The project is a counterproposal to the soulless McMansion, its barren landscape and generic suburban context. Instead, it offers a unique piece of architecture; an opportunity to participate in the local production, use and exchange of food; and a backdoor connection to the architecture, identity and culture of the surrounding City. The smaller footprint, which promotes simplicity and function, provides a number of benefits beyond space: it allows one to live more sustainably; requires less maintenance; reduces clutter; affords higher-quality materials; and most importantly, leaves more time and money for people to simply enjoy other things.
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