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Camu-Saenz Residence

AdlCL International Design

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dmadsen, hanley wood, llc

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Camu-Saenz Residence

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3,448 sq. feet


  • Antonio de la Carrera


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Project Description

The 3,500sf construction features Insulated Concrete Forms increasing the R value up to 40, double than the average stud wall construction. Future Solar panels will provide all the electricity necessary to power the house, helping the future GOLD LEED Certification. Oriented to the South, the home will collect all the sun on the winter season, and will be shaded on the summer, letting all the spaces to be lighted naturally. Cross ventilation, operated by the owners will cool the house as well On the summer months, helped by a 12" reflecting pool, the house will lower the interior temperature. A rain harvest system will be implemented in the future to recapture the water to offset the irrigation load.
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