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Camerron School for victims of human trafficking


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Camerron School for victims of human trafficking

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Concept Proposal


Midwest Youth Development Services

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Project Description

The first phase of the project is a 54,000 square foot educational complex with a lecture hall, gymnasium and two residential dormitory wings. When completed the facility will grow into a 200,000 square foot campus. Designed to evolve organically, the vision is a geometric composition that revolves around the educational core

Large roof overhangs provide much needed shade and mitigate heat gain in the hot and humid environment, and natural ventilation plays a large role in reducing the overall dependence of the campus on mechanical air-conditioning systems. Natural light penetrates deeply into the complex, again reducing energy consumption. Local building materials will be used, such as compressed earth block, which reduce costs and environmental impact, and photovoltaic roof laminates and solar panels will provide power in an area that has few utilities from which to tie into.

The project is being developed by the MidWest Youth Development Services of Suwanee, Georgia, a public charity committed to the goal of providing development through education for those youth who are at risk of being forced into human trafficking and child labor in Cameroon, West Africa where 17.4 percent of girls age 10 to 14 work and only 64 percent of primary school entrants are likely to reach grade 5, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
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