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Calgary Working Cloud


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Calgary Working Cloud

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The Calgary CMA is home to the second most corporate head offices in Canada among the country's 800 largest corporations.Many employees are outside feels the need to use the computer.In a quiet environment outside the company must work (send ing mail, prepare presentations, video conference etc).In case you can not reach the company immediately tries to deal with this in the corner cafe.Short-term is difficult to find a quiet environm ent.Come to work in this situation you can take care of business in the WORKING CLOUD single mini office. Working Cloud to be made by a large number of city government.
Employees will able to take care of things so easily out of the company. Anyone who has business with the municipality’s interest to use the card can be used fort his Working Clouds. Study cloud offers to urban life, with offices in different level and a dynamic city life.
The main beam will be made from steel.From different levels and points to the building as the main structure is suspended with round steel beams. Working Clouds are present on the street while the urban space continuity. Due to structural fiction can be adapted to the streets in various widths.Through the dynamic architecture of the Working Cloud will add value to the city worldwide.
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